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What Wikipedia tells about CIP, Ranchi

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Controversy and Criticisms[edit]

Student Strike-2013[edit]
MPhil and PhD students of Central Institute of Psychiatry (CIP) went on an indefinite dharna demanding immediate recognition of the courses by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).[2] RCI had de-recognised the programmes in 2009 for not having adequate number of teachers.Other courses are lack of qualified teachers. Which make serious question on Mental Health Professional Training. Interestingly the pioneer institute in mental health has been a permanent professor in Department of Clinical Psychology and Department of social work since last 20 years. Students were noted that CIP neglected the Ranchi High Court Verdict-2008 to appoint professors in various department[3] .
Mass Breakout of Patients[edit]
In September, 1984, the Press Trust of India reported that 460 patients out of over a thousand patients in CIP had escaped from the premises. They were able to do so because all the staff had gone on strike, due to low pay.[4] Even after a week had passed, close to 100 patients were still missing and still had to be located. After the incident, The Times of India reported the poor conditions of the hospital. It said that many of the patients were half-starved and in poor health, suffering from skin diseases and diarrhea. It also alleged that the two meals served daily reeked of urine. The Times also stated in a later report that the medical superintendent of the hospital, Durga Bhagal, was charged by the state government of incompetence and mismanagement. Bhagal denied that there was unusually higher mortality rates within the hospital.[4] The absconding patients who poured into the streets chanted “Save Us!”. The deputy hospital superintendent stated that there have been 131 deaths in the hospital in the previous year, on the year of the incident, at least 151 patients died. The deputy superintendent also stated these deaths were caused by the lack of funds for provisioning basic necessities such as food. A member of the West Bengal Psychiatric Association commented that there was a huge shortage of beds in mental health care.[5]
Detention of Chinese Prisoner of War[edit]
In August, 2000, the AFP picked up news by the South China Sunday Morning Post which reported that[6] two chinese military officers from the Sino-Indo Border War in 1962, were there held since 1965, after they were charged of espionage. The Indian Home Affairs Minister said that he was not aware of the detention. The individuals were Yang Chen, a fighter pilot and Shih Liang, a flight officer. The CIP staff claimed that these two individuals were admitted for schizophrenia related symptoms but remained their after their recovery.[7]
The Daily Telegraph, London then reported that these two individuals would be returned to China after 35 years of detention by the Indian Home Ministry.[8]
Patient Suicides[edit]
In August, 2005, The Telegraph reported that at least three individuals from the beginning of the year had committed suicide while being admitted. Unnamed sources from CIP told the newspaper that there was a severe manpower shortage within the hospital. It said that the patient-staff ratio in CIP was 40:1 compared to the recommended 5:1. The allegation of understaffing was refuted by the director of CIP, S Haque Nizami.[9]

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Reply of letter of RCI by CIP Ranchi

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